Trade Finance Structuring and Placement

Bid capital is well positioned to structure and place trade finance transactions at reasonable cost due to its expertise and affiliations with financial institutions in various markets and

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Our knowledge of markets, trends and opportunities helps our clients in assessing strategic growth strategy as well as identification of suitable acquisition targets. Developing a strategy to approach

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Regulatory Compliance & BSA/AML Compliance Advisory

Proactive Regulatory Compliance Guidance

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Pinnacle building

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Welcome to Bid Capital

Bid Capital Management Consultancy is an exclusive boutique advisory and management firm which engages in advisory and business consultancy services dealing primarily with corporations, institutional clients, government and government related entities and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI). Bid Capital aims to participate in the on-going economic development of the region by providing the right combination of experience, management skills and financial know-how.

A world-class network of global knowledge is at the heart of our business where we use our collective intellectual capital, sector specialist knowledge and wealth of experience to deliver exceptional long-term solutions for our clients.

Our Services

Our knowledge of markets, trends and opportunities helps our clients in assessing strategic growth strategy as well as identification of suitable acquisition targets. Developing a strategy to approach potential acquisition candidates and negotiating the terms and structure of a potential transaction are delicate matters in which meridian professionals have extensive experience.

Our experience in cross border transactions includes:

Strategic analysis of a potential acquisition Prospect screening Approaching targeted prospects Valuation of acquirer and prospect Transaction negotiation Managing due diligence Cultural sensitivity in cross border M & A transactions “Coaching” counter-parties to maximize transaction outcome

Our experienced, independent advisory team analyzes and critiques the strategic and financial rationale of proposed transactions to assist our clients in identifying, evaluating and executing acquisitions that generate exceptional value.

Bid Capital provides a wide range of advisory services to its clients. Our approach is based on innovation, client-focus and people driven values. Therefore, providing result-oriented solutions that are custom made to client’s needs and requirements. Our expertise and global reach enables us to provide solutions and deliver sustainable improvements in today’s rapidly changing market.

We offer our services to clients in the following sectors:

Financial Services Industrials Metals & Mining Telecommunications Agriculture Tourism Education Healthcare Oil & Gas Retail Technology Renewable Energy

Distribution Our professionals have tenured experience in sales and divestitures (distribution) which is very important aspect of our business, constituting a significant percentage of our engagements. We are able to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing management distraction. Bid Capital’s integral relationships with private equity and strategic investors, combined with our highly structured approach to the sale process, have consistently delivered superior results.

We work with our clients to ensure that market conditions are favorable when considering a potential transaction and execute against strategies tailored to our client’s objectives. Bid Capital’s distribution team is well versed in the numerous transaction alternatives most suitable for consideration. Working with our clients, we structure deal terms and negotiate on behalf of our clients to optimize execution.

Access to extensive transactional data and a global network of contacts gives us unparalleled access to strategic and financial acquirers, enabling us to create synergies between clients.

Capital Raising For companies seeking a broad range of financing alternatives, Bid Capital arranges capital from debt and equity securities. We connect investors with entrepreneurs around the globe& maintain an extensive database of pre-screened broker dealers, investment bankers, high net worth investors and angel investors both domestically and internationally that we have fostered a great relationship with over the years.

Equipped with a very efficient deal flow system and access to a network of lucrative investment opportunities & deals across all sectors, our investment team assists interested investors in identifying investment opportunities and deals best suited to their preferences and criteria. Through its relationships with institutional and private investors, Bid Capital helps clients expand effect ownership transitions, recapitalize and acquire other companies.

We offer our services through:

Finance acquisitions Prospect screening Growth capital Restructuring and Recapitalizations Project financing

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

We have an established track record in corporate strategic advisory and can significantly contribute to a client’s understanding of their available options to grow, exit or reposition their business needs.

Our services include:

Perform a benchmark valuation Evaluate valuation drivers Explore strategic acquired growth opportunities Financial modeling of acquisition scenarios Build target screens Manage business growth Governance review Develop a strategic road-map Advise shareholders on an exit or liquidity strategy Advise on capital structure, public or private ownership and other client specific issues

Bid Capital actively participates in developing business strategies, financing, governance and other board and shareholder considerations. We consider &support our client’s point of view and develop the strategic decision making process. Using sophisticated financial modeling tools, planning analysis, and business valuation techniques; we incorporate operational objectives to reach client goals.